Europe has a big challenge called climate change and environmental degradation. It is investing to prepare urban context to resist and adapt against these phenomena. The goal of Europe is to involve the citizens in these challenges with a European, national, regional and local partnership.


EPICURO (European Partnership for Innovative Cities within and Urban Resilience Outlook) is developed in 11 cities and it aims to promote an urban resilient strategy to facilitate citizens in prevention and adaptation to climate change.




EPICURO is a two-year project which will develop with these transnational activities:
– PUBLIC CONFERENCES where expert and citizens will discuss about resilience and activities to concretely implement at all levels
– TECHNICALS MEETINGS for public administrators and officers which will individuate best practices and a common development strategy
– TRAINING SESSIONS to involve citizens in European and local initiatives and to explain strategy
– CREATION OF A STABLE NETWORK among different cities



EPICURO wants:
To INTENSIFY the awareness of citizens on the adaptation to climate change
To ENCOURAGE dialogue between citizens and public administration on the topic
– To INCREASE knowledge of local authorities and civil society on climate change and resilience
To IMPROVE the citizens capacity to respond against natural disasters