logocomunealtaVicenza is an Italian town located in a north-east region of Veneto. It has 113,599 inhabitants and is the fourth municipality in the region by population.

Vicenza Participant Department was born in 2013 in order to strength a citizens and local public administration capacity building on local policies making. It has consolidated capacity on implementing cultural exchanges and Vicenza is aiming at revitalizing the city and creating a wider bottom-up participative process. The concept of “networking” is becoming more and more important and larger, covering cultural, social and economic relationships and partnerships with EU and event international cities.

Vicenza will take part to all international events, selecting relevant participants in line with the event agenda. It will be responsible for selecting the local NGOs and in guiding them in citizens involvement initiatives. Vicenza will be responsible for second International Technical Meeting organisation plus it will coordinate communication activities implementation at project level and will be responsible for local communication.