logo_mancomunidadMancomunidad Integral Sierra de San Pedro includes 9 municipalities (Carbajo, Cedillo, Herrera del Alcantara, Herreruela, Membrio, Salorino, Santiago del Alcantara, San Vincente de Alcantara and Valencia de Alcantara) from west of Spain on the border with Portugal, in the region of Extremadura.

The association of Municipalities “Sierra de San Pedro” has been involved in environmental management initiatives throughout the 9 villages and cities that form it. Association’s activities entails fostering citizens environmental respect. On the basis of this support, Association has carried out numerous informative and awareness events and campaigns on the climate change issues, waste management cycle and the importance of increasing sustainability in the local context.

Mancomunidad Sierra San Pedro will lead the project, coordinating the activities designed to develop a networks of towns to make their cooperation more effective and to increase awareness and participation of citizens for making Europe a more sustainable, secure and resilient place. It will coordinate the project in all its activities and supports other partners in organizing all international meetings in a common and homogenous way. Mancomunidad will organize the Final International meeting, monitor other meetings and manages the organization of the local meetings in order to reach the foreseen target group and to develop the project goal.