Schorndorf (30 km east of Stuttgart) counts 39.300 inhabitants; it includes 8 further smaller townships around the city core. With the aim of shifting its organisation towards the New Public Management, Schorndorf has developed an online platform solution for the complaint management. The platform offers the possibility of a transparent and interactive communication between citizen and PA. A second step will allow citizens to utter their ideas and suggestions to improve the quality of life in Schorndorf and to participate online. The City oftens organise participatory workshops: in 2012 citizens were invited to participate to  “wind energy” project by means of workshops and experts hearings, to decide together where wind power stations should be built. In 2015 same methodology for the organisation of 2019 horticultural show (together with 15 neighbour cities); with Uni of Essen it organised round tables for 120 youth to raise their ideas on youth policies to be developed.

Schorndorf will take part to all the international events, selecting relevant participants in line with the event agenda. It will be responsible for all local activities organisation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation and for results presentation to the consortium during Meeting #2 and #5. Schorndorf will be responsible for Transnational training session #2 organization in cooperation with Province of  Potenza and for local communication activities implementation + international contacts network reinforcement.